Vasken Demirjian - Color canvassing

Vasken Demirjian

Hair is his canvas, Color is the medium.

To Master Colorist and owner Vasken Demirjian, hair is an intellectual and artistic pursuit. His impeccable aesthetic pedigree combined with the highest European education and training has solidified him as one of the hair industry's most sought-after experts on hair color and hair health. He has been featured repeatedly in fashion and beauty publications including Glamour, the New York Times and many more.

A former antiquities dealer in London, Vasken has cultivated an eye for color throughout his travels around the world. He studied in New York and London, where he became the first American to be awarded the L'Oreal Colour Specialist Degree (the PhD equivalent for hair) and the L'Oreal Vision of Color Award.

A board-certified Master Colorist, Vasken approaches each client as an artist approaching a canvas. For Vasken, hair is his canvas and color is the medium. Vasken has developed and perfected several color techniques, including “Color Canvassing”, a process that creates a three-dimensional effect with a rich mosaic of haircolor shades.

His flagship salon was named “Salon of the Year” by Salon Today Magazine and was awarded “Best Salon” in North America by NAHA/ProBeauty, the hair industry’s most prestigious award.



Signature Look: Dimensional Red

Many different reds were combined for this unique look. Multiple reds, with lighter tones at the tips accentuate her beautiful curls.

“I make hair look beautiful and the woman feel sexy”

Signature Look: Elegant and Sexy Chignon

Quick Chignon that is elegant, sophisticated, and sexy. Appropriate for wonderful evening or black tie event. A look that does not need to be accessorized.

“I create a unique look for every person, I never replicate something else.”

Signature Look: Perfect Harmony in Natural Highlights

A Balayage technique with large meshes and freehand painting for perfect natural and soft highlights.

“Can do the whimsical and fashionable, but prefer the sophisticated look”

Signature Look: Neatly Put Together Chignon

Very neatly put together, created by an artist who understands elegance.

“What matters is how the woman feels about herself after her hair is done?”

Signature Look: Organic Color, Organic Look

True Balayage with gradual lightening towards the tips. Looks natural, with excitement, cohesive, and different at the same time.

“I create something that is tangible, beautiful, and unique to that person”

Signature Look: Changing Color

Natural Brunette going Red. Gradual diffusion from deeper red tones to lighter and brighter reds. Hightlights on the ends for brightness of the color